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So this weekend I’ve been at the Global Game Jam Hull, and I have to say it was great! In the whole forty-eight hour competition I only slept for four hours, and spent every waking minute coding,  designing and drinking plenty of coffee.  For those of you that might not know, the Global Game Jam is a worldwide event focused on game development, it also encourages the bringing together of many people with different skills, all wanting to make a game over this one weekend. Once arriving you get taken into a conference and given the theme, and this years was ‘heartbeat’ or ‘hearts.’ You are then welcome to mingle with people and try and form teams pitching your ideas. I teamed up with a couple of friends and set up our workstation for the weekend

If I would have had one hours sleep for every person who pointed out my PC case. I wouldn't have been as tired...

If I would have had one hours sleep for every person who pointed out my PC case. I wouldn’t have been as tired…

It took a while to think of initial ideas which fitted into the theme, but it wasn’t too long before we had our game planned.  We all wanted to program in C# using Xna, and so chose to aim are game at the Windows Phone Platform. We decided on a character being propelled by a jet pack, which was powered by love hearts. We added obstacles for the user to avoid and decided the character should collect hearts for power, another feature we incorporated was playing the sound of a heart beat as the game played, and the phone vibrating once the user lifted the character up into the air. For this project, I was in charge of the graphic design of the game, I designed the artwork to be quite distinctive and bright, but also to giving the background and feel of the game a sense of surrealism  I also helped out coding portions of the game, which my experience developing games certainly helped with. After another 30 hours of programming and designing, ‘Across The Border’ have created:



This the forest scene. One of three scenes in the game

Once the deadline had passed on Sunday morning the judging team came round and asked us questions about our game. I understand that a lot of what I say makes little sense, but bare in mind I was suffering from sleep deprivation.

After every team had been judged the winners were announced  Our team was shocked when we won both third place and the peoples’ choice award, as the quality was incredibly high, and everyone had created such high-standard games. For these prizes my team got a certificate and each of us received £20 worth of Game gift vouchers.


Every team put in a lot of effort at the Global Game Jam, with lots of teams staying up for the full 48 hours to implement some really impressive game ideas. Overall it was a fantastic, and fun, weekend, that I would recommend to anyone, it was nice to have short breaks by walking around talking to other teams and seeing their ideas.


You can find all the other global game jam hull video’s as well as other programming competition on Rob Miles YouTube channel here.